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Why Men Can’t Have It All

conversational journal. Read “Why Men Can’t Have it All” which is a reading in the book, They Say/I Say. Needs to be 250 words. Here are the instructions.
The successful entry will:
a) Respond to specific issues with the text’s argument (claims, evidence, reasons, etc.) or rhetoric (appeals to emotion, logic, credibility, use of slang, statistics, etc.)
b) Quote at least once (paraphrasing for lengthier excerpts) from the text and include MLA-style in-text citations
c) Fully and convincingly explain why you agree or disagree, support or take issue with the author’s point of view
d) Be at least 250 words in length
While somewhat informal in nature, your entries must use proper citation and be written in standard academic English. These should also be used as opportunities for improving your writing as much as your critical thinking and rhetorical analysis.

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