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the use of drugs in treating drug addictions and the value of using drugs such as pain relievers in medical treatments given the risk of addiction

For this option interview a medical professional (doctor, nurse,
P.A.), a pharmacist, or preferably as Psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse. The person should be familiar with
the pharmacological treatment of substance abuse/addictions and/or the nature and function of
the drugs used.
Be sure to include in this discussion and your research, questions about the role of counseling and
psychotherapy in conjunction with pharmacological treatment. How well does one work without the other.
the “paradox” of using drugs to treat drug addictions.
What do the professionals say about this?
Are drug therapies are driven more by the
patient/consumer, or the pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations who profit from
How would it look differently if drugs were 100% free and nobody profited from them?
Why is the risk of addictions worth the desire for “cures” and/or pain relief?
be sure your paper is organized in a logical and clear manner.

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