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Sociological Perspectives of Disability in Higher Education

The paper reviews the inclusion of persons with disabilities in higher education settings and how this is viewed from a sociological perspective. However, there still exists some gaps in the literature concerning this topic, hence, the need to develop a clear study which identifies the gaps that exist and ways that they can be addressed. In this paper, it has been discussed the different ways through which the inclusion of a person with a disability can be understood from the sociological perspectives. Through critical and comparative analysis, the different perspectives and approaches that have been developed regarding the inclusion of persons with disability in higher education, which can be able to determine the gaps that exist and how they can be addressed. The aspects of this topic that this paper will discuss inclusion and how it is different for people living with a disability, and the sociological approaches which lead to different perspectives. This paper will also focus on the prevailing practices of inclusion in higher education and relevant empirical studies to better understand the influence of current policies on the inclusion of people with a physical disability.
• Read comprehensively the whole paper
• And rewrite the description of the conceptual framework
• In the conceptual framework, you should cover the following questions
1. Why the sociological perspective is more useful in higher education from the medical model, social model, and capability approach?
2. What is the difference between functional perspective and interactional perspectives? (you should elaborate based on my conceptual framework. In the framework, I have tried to differentiate the functional (Society) and interactional (Institution) perspectives
3. How the integration of the sociological perspectives can ask the question to understand the inclusion issues in higher education?
• Finally, you go at the conclusion part and rewrite a comprehensive conclusion of the whole paper.
Grammar, sentence structure, and the logical order with the whole paper should be correct.
Follow the APA 6th Edition style and correct the references if there are mistakes.

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