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security assessment and solution

1)”Civil Law versus Common Law” Please respond to the following:
Predict the long-term use of both civil and common law and explain whether you believe both have a foundation strong enough to last in years to come.
Defend or oppose the concept of stare decisis and its role in common law.
2)Compare and contrast the various types of security typologies. Suggest a type of organization that would fit into each typology.
Defend or oppose the following statement, “It is unnecessary to implement long-term planning if strategic planning is already being implemented.”
3)Explain the relationship between security and risk management. Take a position on which is more important to a small organization, large organization, and nonprofit organization.
Suppose top management is against the idea of the implementation of an enterprise security risk management plan simply because it is a waste of time and money. Describe the actions you would take in an attempt to sway management’s opinion. Include the reasons why management should change its mind and provide real-life examples if necessary.
4)suggest at least one weakness in the U.S. legal system pertaining to security that has not been already mentioned in the textbook.
Explain the reason for the weakness and whether the weakness has been recognized as well as any attempts that have been made to fix the issue.
1-2 paragraphs for each question

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