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Prostate Cancer

Body Systems Anatomy and Image Interpretation Case Study

Discuss the anatomical implications of, and the issues associated with, treating a prostate patient with a radical dose of radiotherapy. You should critically evaluate the influence of cancer on this body system and demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy involved, organs at risk, routes of spread as well as a basic understanding of the implications of radiotherapy practice and delivery to this anatomical site.

To assess completion of the module you will need to demonstrate you have met the Learning Outcomes which are:

Assessment focus

Learning outcomes 1,2 & 4 of this module will be assessed through the submission of a written case study.

1.Define and accurately apply terminology that is fundamental to anatomy, physiology and radiotherapy practice.

2.Describe the features and functions of major anatomical organs and structures and body systems.

4.Critically evaluate the influence of cancer on the major body systems, organs and structures in terms of anatomical position and function.

Engaging with the literature will assist in consolidating your learning over the course of the module.

You will need to conduct a literature search to locate and retrieve information to address the case study.

You will need to explain your search strategy within the case study. Keep this short and concise. You may wish to utilise tables and illustration etc. to demonstrate your search strategy possibly within an appendix.

You should refer to a number of good quality sources of literature within your assignment.

You must accurately reference all material you refer to in your assignment using the APA referencing system.

You should augment and demonstrate knowledge from clinical experience in your final submission.

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