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Law and Criminal Evidence

Throughout this course, we will talk not just about what the law is, but also about what it should be. The final paper is a chance to continue that discussion. Your assignment is to pick a controversial topic within the law of criminal evidence and explain which side you agree with.

The topic I would like the paper to be about is: What are the advantages and drawbacks to plea bargaining? Is it fair that most cases end with guilty pleas? If not, what would a better system look like?

The paper must be at least 10 pages double-spaced, typed or word-processed pages in length. Cover pages and lists of citations DO NOT count toward this 10-page requirement. There is no “minimum” number of sources required, but you must ensure that you have sufficient sources to back up your arguments. If you are referring to someone else’s ideas, or if you are making factual arguments, then you must provide citations to your sources for those ideas and facts. Thank you.

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