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GLOBE Study Leadership Analysis

You learned about the significance of the GLOBE Study in Chapter 6 of Volume 1 of your chapter reading. The GLOBE Study was a cross-cultural research to find dimensions of cultural diversity that spans across many cultures.

Based on what you read about the GLOBE Study in Chapter 6, find a video or article that provides detailed information about how leaders of Gulfstream Aerospace, an aviation organization, are managing diversity and inclusion in their company.
You may select a U.S. based company or an international company.
Write a three-page analysis and evaluation of how leaders of the company you selected are using each element of the GLOBE Study as described below:
Performance orientation
Future orientation
Human orientation
Institutional collectivism
In-group collectivism
Gender egalitarianism
Power Distance
Uncertainty avoidance
Use current APA formatting for this paper. Make sure you include a title page and be careful to cite your in-paper citations on the reference page. There will be three pages, excluding the title page and reference page.

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