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Gay and Lesbian Parents

We were instructed to select a concept of interest and to conduct an extensive literature review. My topic of choice is Gay and Lesbian Parents. In today’s society, I believe this is a heavy topic that should be granted more attention. As healthcare professionals, we should not only provide attention to homosexual parents but also to the children who are raised in an environment that is different from the “norm.” I am a extremely compassionate about equality right in every aspect of life, healthcare included. Please refer to the guidelines document for more information about the assignment. I have included my document with the appropriate headings. Please use 6-7 references. I also included a note under the “literature review” heading regarding expectations for the references and finding these sources (I provided databases to use – please use at least 2). I have also included a chart to help with deciding on the level of evidence. Sources can extend back to 10 years. The paper should not exceed 5 pages but going over 4 pages is okay. Please see the grading criteria for guidance in including information. I am also attaching an example concept paper provided by the faculty. This is not a perfect paper but can be used to help with developing my paper. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be glad to provide more information if I can. Thank you so much for your assistance.

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