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CVS Health Company

(This is an Analytical Essay which needs to be done about CVS Health Company) I can send you the 3rd essay my group members did to get an idea.
Each essay should not exceed 3 pages of typed material (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins), not including exhibits and references.The required content for each essay is as follows:
Essay 4: Identify aspects of the company’s business-level, corporate-level, and international strategies. This should include an assessment of the generic strategy the company is using in their business, the extent and relatedness of diversification, the modes (e.g., M&A, alliances, internal development) of implementing recent diversification initiatives, and the type of international strategy implemented in various global markets. Evaluate whether these strategies fit with the company’s organizational goals, and external and internal environments and suggest changes wherever thought to be necessary.

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